The why behind Creative Space Studios | Rentable Natural Light Studio in Dublin, Ca

We have gotten a lot of questions about the space since we opened in November of last year, and the number one question is the why behind creative space studios. why are you opening a space like this? aren’t you scared? Isn’t this a big commitment for you small family? 

Yes, it’s scary and yes, its a HUGE commitment for our young family… but let me tell you why its worth all the stress, planning and work: to make a difference. 

photographer taking a picture in natural light studio in dublin ca.jpg

The idea for this space came from many years of trying to make creative friends who understood 100% the struggle of running a business, the high of getting the perfect shot, finding the perfect space to feel empowered + the relief of knowing you can lean on someone you trust. I, Janea, had a very hard time finding a space in the Tr-Valley area that made me feel connected to what I was doing + also connected me with other like-minded creatives who were dreaming big.

florist arranging flowers on table reflected through mirror in white rentable studio in danville ca.jpg

One day I thought to myself, “why wait for someone ELSE to create what I need? There has to be more people who feel the same way!” After a few long talks after the kids went to bed, Jared + I decided to go for it. We have this one life, why not create a wonderful one, right? 

This space is for doers, dreamers and those who are wanting to pursue inspiration and amplify their craft, who love art, community + think beyond the scope of their present. This space is for people who dream big. If we could share one thing we want others to know + feel once they find Creative Space Studios, it would this:    YOU BELONG HERE.