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1000 sqft pure white studio available to rent for photographers & creative entrepreneurs to teach, create and collaborate in the Tri-Valley Area.


Pure creativity is something better than a necessity; it’s a gift!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Once you sign our Rental Contract you will get an email from us with a unique code to get in. We provide all renters with an access code that is put in at the door when you arrive. The access code is only used for your booking time + won’t work again after your time is over.

Q: How do I get in?

A: Easy peasy! If no one is coming in right after you, we will simply send you an invoice for the additional time. If, you DO have someone coming in right after you, you must stop, clean up and make sure to be done by the time the other renter comes in. 

Q: What happens if I run over my booking time?

A: Remote access, rolling block backdrop, assorted seamless paper backdrops, 2 octobox lights on rollers, triggers for lights, reflectors,C-Stands, backdrop stands, gaff tape, clamps, clothing rack, full length mirror, stools, chairs, pillows, disco ball, potted plants, fans, letter boards + free wifi 

Q: What’s included in the rental?



little girl dancing in white studio

This is not just a photography studio, it’s truly a collaborative blank canvas for all your creative endeavors. I love creating magic in this space!

- Kiick Photo

Painter teaching a painting workshop

One of the highlights for me was getting to host an abstract floral painting workshop. It was so special to see people get inspired and create!

- Rachel Wadlow Art

baby walking on play mat in natural light studio

I am so glad I found Creative Space Studios! I wish I had a photoshoot every month just to reuse the space. It's the perfect size, and natural light. 

- Toki Mats