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Along with all the props + tools in the space, we have a wheelchair accessible bathroom + free wifi

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Setting Up/Organization

Clean up is simple: Leave the space as clean as it was when you came + you take out what you brought in. Sweep if you made a mess, spot mop if you spilled something, tidy pillows, put things back where you found them.. you get it! If there is a booking right after you we will let you know so that you can plan accordingly. If you are more than 5 minutes late leaving the space, you will be automatically charged $100 fee.

If there isn’t, and you need more time, we will invoice you after you leave.

If things are left unorganized or dirty, you will be invoiced $100 for cleaning and organization.

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Safety + Security

There is one security camera at the front of the space that records any movement and is placed there for safety + accountability purposes. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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When you arrive:

When you arrive you simple enter the unique rental code for your booking. We like to open the shades and let all the beautiful light in and start up the bluetooth speaker to get us going!

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Refunds + Rescheduling

If you need to reschedule, please let us know 48 hours before your booking. If you cancel 24 hours or less + do not reschedule NO refund will be returned.

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9 18x72 foldable tables + 30 white foldable chairs are available with your rental. The legal occupancy limit is 49 but we recommend around 35. Email us for special workshop rates.

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Studio Tours:

You can book a studio tour by emailing us. We LOVE giving studio tours because there’s something about SEEING and experiencing this space that is just magic! Tours slots are 20 minutes each.

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Props + Equipment

Rolling block backdrops (one wood, the other a current color see instastories) are 8x8 with storage for other equipment inside, 2 C-stands, 1- 12x12 backdrop stand, 9FT seamless paper backdrops of assorted colors (see instastories), clamps, gaff tape, clothing rack with some hangers, full length mirror, assorted chairs, stools + apple boxes + an assortment of potted plants.

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There is a parking lot on site with 75 parking spaces that we share with surrounding businesses.